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CG21I guess if you used the 10,000-hour rule, you would call me an “expert” in the field of talent.  What I mean by this is that I have dedicated thousands of hours over the past two and a half decades to my career in talent management and this has given me the opportunity to learn more than I ever expected. As with all of us, my desire is to be the best I can be. I do this for the glory of God and He has blessed!

God has given me the  opportunity  to recruit, train, develop, coach, and work along side of the most brilliant executives in the corporate world. Each one, I have learned from immensely; and I pray that each one has learned from me as I have unabashedly shared my faith in the work place. My mission in the global corporate world has been to shine the light of God in a sometimes dark environment and to bring as many people to Christ as possible.

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