Priorities Every Working Woman Should Have

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Why does society still want us to think that a woman must choose between her career or her family because she can’t have both? The theme persists in movies, magazines, and media. Stories of career-focused women who have lost relationships with their children and their spouses surround us. Divorce, broken families, and spoiled wayward children have become the cultural norm. It is so unfortunate that we are now inundated with stories (and realities) of the family-unit-failure.

This problem is not coming from a woman’s conflict between work and home or family and career. It’s not even coming from financial debt or a tanking economy that has both parents working. It is coming from living contradictory to the word of God. (Hey guys, this applies to you too!)

The secret of career and family success is found in removing the conflict, rivalry, or competition that your life has with the word of God. 

Here are three simple principles that can guide your everyday actions and ensure that you are in alignment with the Word. This will help you have both the family and career success that you desire.

  1. Put God first
    • Order your priorities and never change the order. God first, family second, and work third… this has to be the order.
  2. Seek to please God 
    • Before you agree to take on another project, work late at the office, or travel away for a meeting; you need to question whether it is the will of God. Ask yourself: Would this please God? (And make sure it’s not in conflict with your priorities.) This helps you balance demands.
  3. Put your full faith and trust God 
    • Remember that God is the provider, not you. Many of us get sucked into work because we worry about losing our jobs if we don’t perform, but we must learn to trust God. When we keep this in mind, and we are living by #1 and #2 above, everything will fall into place. We have to remember that it is Him, not us, who provides for our family.

But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all thy works. Psalm 73:28 


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