man and woman

Without doubt every one of us has said something we wish we hadn’t spoken. I can think of hundreds of times over my life that I wish I would have just kept my mouth shut. The problem is that once you have said something hurtful, critical, or judgmental, it can’t be taken back.

Are you are someone who can lose your temper or perhaps take your bad day out on others; and then cover it with excuses like I just lost control or you know me, I just speak my mind? These excuses are not licenses to criticize your spouse, judge a colleague, or disparage your boss! Let’s challenge each other to change.

No doubt that controlling what we say is really difficult, but think about the impact we are having on others with our words. Would we say that our words are filtered with grace? For instance, if we took all the words that we spoke yesterday and ran them through a filter of grace which ones would still come out? Words of judgment, criticism, negativity, complaining, and gossip would surely be eliminated if we spoke with grace.

Grace is the freely given, unmerited favor of God.

In Matthew 12:34 the Bible teaches us that what comes out of our mouth is what comes out of our hearts. It’s like the heart is the command center of the mouth. The same way a person’s accent reveals what part of the world he/she is from, our words quickly reveal our heart. Does God rule in your heart? Are you mindful of the grace that He has shone you?

Let the words that flow from your lips be pure and pleasing to Him. If any words come out of your mouth today that you immediately regret, ask the Holy Spirit for forgiveness and help to keep those words out of your mouth today and every day going forward.



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