Is Your Daughter Ready for Prom Night?

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When it comes to Prom Night nothing else quite gets the press and attention of our teenagers in the Springtime like this event. Snapchats, Tweets and Instagram posts of dresses and creative “prom proposals” (yes, that really is a thing now) are covering your teen’s social network and making a mark on their digital footprint. Excitement is in the air with paid photographers, professional hair & make-up stylists, limousines, fancy dinners, and expensive gowns. Even parents get involved posting photos of their daughters and their dates on their own Facebook walls.

However, these days it seems that things have progressed beyond wholesome fun and this night must be approached with caution. Our teens are faced with some fairly significant pressures on Prom Night more than any other night. Regardless of if your teen is going to the prom with a group of good friends or with her high school sweetheart, it is likely that she will face one or more of these pressures.

  1. The pressure to break curfew.
  2. The pressure to look sexy.
  3. The pressure to drink alcohol.
  4. The pressure to hook-up.
  5. The pressure to do drugs.

These pressures can be avoided and overcome with the right guidance from parents. We need to prepare our teens! Have an open conversation about drugs, drinking, sex, etcetera, and reiterate the dangers associated with such things. Warn your teen of the things to watch out for: after prom parties, being alone with her boyfriend, being with a group that drinks, smokes, or does drugs, etc. And mom… for goodness sakes, don’t let your daughter leave the house looking like a sexy 24-year-old woman, that is just asking for trouble! Reinforce modesty.

Ensure that your teen has good wholesome fun at the prom and doesn’t come home with regrets. Hold her accountable and remember that teens are clever and can usually figure out a way to break the rules!  Get all the details for the night. Ask more questions than usual. Double check on the game plan by contacting other parents, make sure that there will be adult supervision at all times. Make sure she keeps her location services turned on on her phone. Have her text you and check in several times through the night. And most importantly, let her know that she can call you at any hour if faced with these pressures or put in a compromising situation, and you will pick her up, no other questions asked.

Pray for the security and safety. Parent responsibly!

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise. Proverbs 12:15 (KJV)

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