I’ve experienced a transformation and I think it is worth sharing.

Today, I just realized that I no longer place value on what others think of me. I have been working towards this for years and over a series of recent events, I realized that I am truly free! I am free of the paradigm that I once held that I am defined by what I do.

For many years, I was all about proving myself to others. I spent my days seeking out opportunities to over-achieve, so that I could simply impress. I was a chronic Type-A who had to be accepted, approved of, and valued by others. I took pride in when others commented on my  driver-drive abilities, whether it was intellect or speed of work or sheer quantity of achievement, I sought it out constantly because the truth is that I needed others to think I was good.

I suppose this need for others to think I was something came from my childhood. I think we all carry some baggage from the past that creeps in to the present, but the important thing is to let go of that stuff. So, I have been set free. This is the most liberating feeling I have ever had!

Do you want to know how I got here? I am glad you asked! It is simple…it’s by the grace of God, the love of my Father, and being mindful that Jesus Christ is all I need.

What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31


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