You can’t remember where you put your keys or if you called someone back. Your pants don’t fit like they used to. You get tired in the middle of the day. And you seem to have a short fuse, even with the ones you love. You might be growing old…ungracefully. 

So, how do we change?

Let’s start with acknowledging reality.  When it comes to aging, I think we spend way more time thinking about toning our bodies, dropping a few pounds, exercising and eating clean; and we focus on keeping our minds sharp with the latest new book, tidbits of news, or even social media (which is really mindless). But rarely do we spend enough time nourishing our souls to keep them young and renewed. And that’s a big mistake.

While we live in our bodies, we live out of our souls.

The soul is the core, the command center, the root of all connections between both you and others and you and God. You might notice that the wisest, most content, and at-peace people you know are those who prioritize “soul care.” However, this is a foreign concept to most people.

Growing old gracefully requires that we care for our mind, body and SOUL.

Soul care is the single most important aspect of aging gracefully because out of the soul, we live and see the world.  The soul ties the mind and body together.

Is your soul unhealthy? Here are some signs to watch for…

  1. A tendency to be ungrateful or unforgiving. You can improve the health of your soul by expressing gratitude at least three times a day and offering forgiveness even when it’s not asked for or deserved.
  2. A life that is off-balance. This is not just about being busy or managing conflicting priorities. The off-balance here is when we are doing things that don’t align to our beliefs or we are going against our will, intuition, or moral compass. We may have simply veered off course and we can feel it. It feels almost like when clay on the potter’s wheel is off center; it’s uncontrollable & unstable. When our lives are off-centered for any length of time, it begins to have a real detriment on our minds, bodies, and spirits! In moments like this, you must “come back to center,” being clear about your deepest values and purpose.
  3. You feel lost or empty, like something major is missing from your life. If this is a prevailing feeling for you, you need to seek a spiritual solution. Most people will look to friends, fun, entertainment (in all forms), love, mates, and temporal things to fill this void. But the fact is that this feeling that comes from the soul can only be remedied by the spiritual, which is found in a relationship with God. Once this unity is in place, nothing will separate it and that empty feeling goes away once and for all.

Thanks for reading my blog today, let’s age gracefully together! #soulcare


Click here to learn more about how to have a relationship with God.



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