I find it hard sometimes to see beyond today because I dwell in the past. The fails… the disappointments… the challenges… and my past sins that occasionally occupy my thoughts and bring me down. Yet I recognize that this is no way to live as it steals from me the peace and joy that I’m intended to experience through His grace.

Don’t forget that as a believer we are purged of our old sins. Our lives, each day, should reflect GLORY (Godly character) and VIRTUE (a necessary ingredient in the exercise of faith). We get this through an intimate and experiential knowledge of God.

2 Peter 1:9 tells us that when we lack these things (glory and virtue), we are BLIND and we cannot see the reality of our salvation, the inheritance that awaits us, or what Jesus has done for us in the past!

So be diligent in your precious faith to achieve your calling and focus NOT on the sins of the past, but on the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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