Rescued from the Titanic

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I recently learned that both JP Morgan and Milton Hershey had booked passages in first class staterooms on the Titanic. You see, in that time, if you were anyone, with anything, you would have booked a ticket on the Titanic and never missed that chance to be on the UNSINKABLE ship’s maiden voyage. But only in the last minute, something made Morgan decide not to go and Hershey’s wife got deadly sick and he had to cancel his trip. In both cases, I can only imagine that people thought that they were crazy for missing the chance of a lifetime.

Have you ever made a decision that no one seemed to understand? Or have you ever had your plans absolutely fall apart, come to a screeching halt, or a complete pivot in an unexpected direction?

Sometimes the Spirit of God motivates us to do something contrary to what everyone else thinks is right. And sometimes the Power of God presents circumstances that alter our course if we don’t listen to the Spirit. These random circumstances or decisions seldom make sense to others. Yet, our Father is constantly trying to direct us to His will.

Similar to me quitting my job last year. When the Spirit of God led me to the decision to quit, I wasn’t even sure where He was leading me. I was just certain that leaving a life long investment in corporate America, a load of unvested stock, and a strong guaranteed income was what He needed me to do. The decision was aligned to my desire to be in His will. Yet, it seemed crazy to many of my friends and colleagues, but for me, to have stayed where I was would be like being on the Titanic.

I have learned that any plan, outside of God’s plan, is like being on a “sinking ship;” it will bring constant challenges, unbearable struggles, strife, unrest, and in the end… utter destruction. Even a believer who has the eternal security of their salvation, is robbed of God’s perfect plan for themselves when they live a life that is outside of His will, and which isn’t bringing glory to Him.

World views will constantly war against God. Things that make sense to the world (desires for fame, money, self-fulfillment, power, position, personal satisfaction, a what about me attitude, living in the moment, following your heart, etc.) will almost always contradict God’s will. Read 1 John 2:15-17 for a better understanding of that! The Word clearly states that the desire for these worldly things, comes from the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, and you don’t have to be a Bible Scholar to figure out that these things… lust and pride… are bad. Without a doubt they will take you down a path of destruction. And verse 16 says that when you live like this that the love of the Father is not in you!

The way to true fulfillment is to love God with all your heart and trust His plans. I would encourage you to spend some time questioning your desires. Check to see if they are fulfilling your flesh, or if your desire is above all things to bring glory to God. And listen to the Spirit of God when He directs you, even if it seems contrary to popular (worldly) belief, He may actually be rescuing you from the Titanic and guiding you to His will.




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